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 Ajax, Ontario

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Messages : 1427
Date d'inscription : 20/03/2010
Age : 54
Localisation : Longueuil By the river

MessageSujet: Ajax, Ontario   Mar 7 Sep 2010 - 21:53

Ajax XXX(30) 30th Annual Plastic
Model Contest

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Cafeteria - J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate
1355 Harwood Ave. N.
Ajax ON, L1T 4G8,+Ajax,+ON+L1T&hl=en&geocode=FQNptgIdvqad-ykNt2QcVBrJTDHv7x8hODFOZQ%3BFXKdnQIdBx5K-ykhm9iwECDViTEdcEF3SSoPJw&mra=ls&sll=43.88389,-79.028729&sspn=0.008614,0.016544&g=1355+Harwood+Ave.+N.+Ajax&ie=UTF8&ll=44.292401,-77.893066&spn=2.190003,4.235229&z=8
Aircraft: Battle of Britain 1940
Armour: Soviet Military Vehicles - 1917-1990
Automotive: 50th Anniversary - Mosport Raceway
Science Fiction: Retro Kits
Figures: United States Marine Corps - 1775-2010
Spacecraft & Experimental Aircraft: The Space Shuttle Era - 1979-2010

Cost: $2.00 general admission for non-contestants
(Richardson Students with SAC Card enter free).
$2.00 per model for contest entry to $10.00 maximum (no limit on models)
$25.00 per vendor's table (6 ft. long)
Prizes: • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Awards; (Traditional IPMS 1st/2nd/3rd format)
• Plaques and Trophies for Special Awards
• Junior, Intermediate & Advanced Levels of Competition

10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
- Registration
- Vendors' sales begin
- Viewing
- Snack Bar Open
12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.
- Hot and Cold Buffet:Cost: $9.00 per person.
1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. - Judging
3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - Awards & Prizes
Registration Forms Available on-line from Oct. 1, 2010 – Go to for details & forms !

Aircraft: Battle of Britain - June-Nov 1940
Armour: Soviet Military Vehicles - 1917-1990
Automotive: 50th Anniversary - Mosport Raceway
Science Fiction: Retro Kits Before the 80's
Figures: US Marine Corps - 1775-2010
Spacecraft & Exp. A/C The Space Shuttle Era - 1979-2010

Special Awards
Best Junior Aircraft
Best Junior Car
Best Junior Armour
Best Junior Model
Best Canadian Armour (Tom Harron Memorial Award)
Best Airliner (Wally Gardner Memorial Award)
Best 1/48 Aircraft (Wyman Clarke Memorial Award)
Best Made-in-Canada Subject
Best Ship (J.F. Daluz Memorial Award)
Best Figure
Best Automotive (Grant Murray Memorial Award)
Best Armour (Nat Haspel Memorial Award)
Best Aircraft of Show
Best of Show - People's Choice
Best of Show - Judges’ Choice - Ron Lowry Memorial Award


A1) Biplanes and other rigged types - WWI & Classic Era - 1/72
A2) Biplanes and other rigged types - WWI & Classic Era - 1/48 and larger
A3) Single Engine - 1/72
A4) Twin & Multi-Engine - 1/72
A5) Single Engine - 1/48 and 1/50 - Allied (WW2)
A6) Single Engine - 1/48 and 1/50 - Axis (WW2)
A7) Single Engine - 1/48 and 1/50 - Other
A8) Multi Engine - 1/48 and 1/50
A9) Single Engine and Multi-Engine - 1/32 and larger
A10) Jets - 1/72
A11) Jets - 1/48
A12) Jets - 1/32 and larger
A13) Aircraft 1/100 and smaller - all types and eras
A14) Rotary Wing Aircraft - smaller than 1/50
A15) Rotary Wing Aircraft - 1/50 and larger
A16) Civil, Sport, and Racing Aircraft - all scales and eras
A17) Civil Airliners - all scales and eras
A18) Experimental & Research Aircraft - all scales and eras
A19) Spacecraft - all scales and eras
A20) Vacuforms, & Conversions - all scales and eras
A21) Scratchbuilt - all scales and eras
A22) Dioramas* - all scales and eras
OUT OF BOX- Aircraft
A23) Smaller than 1/50
A24) 1/50 and larger
NOTES: * In Aircraft Dioramas, aircraft, rather than figures, will be given first priority by judges.

1/30 - 1/35
V1) Open Top - fully tracked AFVs
V2) Closed Top - fully tracked AFVs - up to and including 1945 – Allied & Neutral
V3) Closed Top - fully tracked AFVs - up to and including 1945 – Axis
V4) Closed Top - fully tracked AFVs - post-1945
V5) Armoured Cars and Halftracks
V6) Softskins - includes motorcycles and kettenkrads
V7) Ordnance - includes towed guns with or without prime mover, portees, rocket launchers, missiles, etc.
V8) Out of Box - 1/35 and larger - all types, all eras

1/40 - 1/48
V9) AFVs and Other Vehicles - all types and eras
1/72 and smaller
V10) Closed Topped, Fully Tracked AFVs - all eras, all types
V11) Open Topped, Fully Tracked AFVs - all eras, all types
V12) Armoured Cars and Half Tracks - all eras, all types
V13) Softskins - includes trucks, motorcycles, kettenrads, etc. - all eras
V14) Ordnance - includes towed guns, with or without prime mover, portees, rocket launchers, missiles, etc. -
all eras
V15) Out of Box - Smaller than 1/35 - all types, all eras
V16) Scratchbuilt & Major Conversions - all scales and eras
V17) Dioramas - all scales and eras
NOTE: AFV means an "armoured fighting vehicle", wheeled or tracked, with armour plate to protect its crew.

S1) Warships - Powered - 1/500 and smaller
S2) Warships - Powered - larger than 1/500
S3) Sailing ships and Sailboats - all scales and eras
S4) Motor Torpedo Boats, Small Patrol Boats, and Submarines - all scales and eras
S5) Miscellaneous - includes passenger liners, tug boats, & fishing boats
S6) Scratchbuilt and Major Conversions - all scales and eras
S7) Dioramas - defined as two or more ships, or one ship and associated equipment, i.e. drydock, jetty, etc.
S8) Out of Box -- all scales, all types, all eras.

F1) Foot - all scales and eras
F2) Mounted - all scales and eras
F3) Dioramas - defined as 6 or more single figures which form a complete design.
F4) Vignette - defined as between 2 to 5 single figures and no more than two pieces of equipment which form
a complete design.
NOTE: In Figure Dioramas, figures, rather than accessories will be given first priority by judges.

CARS – 1/24 - 1/25
C1) Factory Stock - Domestic (North American design)
C2) Factory Stock - Foreign (Non North American design)
C3) Competition - Closed Wheel
C4) Competition - Open Wheel
C5) Competition - Straight Line (anything built for straight-line racing, i.e. Drag, Bonneville, Puller, Mud Bog,
C6) Street Rod - Up to and including 1949
C7) Custom - 1950 to present day
C8) Street Beast & Import Tuners - (includes Pro Street, trick street machines, beastie muscle cars, etc., both
import & domestic. Vehicle must be street legal (i.e. treaded tires, wipers, etc., otherwise it is considered
a competition vehicle).
C9) Pick-up, Van & Sport Utility
CARS – Other Scales
C10) 1/43 - all types
C11) Large Scale - all types
C12) Light Commercial (includes police cars, tow trucks, light-duty commercial vehicles, panel vans, etc.)
C13) Heavy Commercial (includes large fire & service vehicles, construction equipment, transports, etc.)
C14) Motorcycles
C15) Diorama
C16) Custom Die-Cast – all types, all scales - (any die-cast cars/vehicles that are customized with added detail,
revised paint schemes, modifications, etc.)
C17) Miscellaneous – all types, all scales (snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.)
C18) Scratchbuilt - all scales, all eras, all types
C19) Out of Box - all types, all scales

M1) What-if / Hypothetical Subjects
M2) Sci Fi Vehicles
M3) Fantasy
M4) Collections - all types, all eras, all scales - (defined as five or more models with a single theme
- a single previous winner may be included in a collection)
M5) Metal Models (diecast kits) - all types, all eras, all scales
M6) Other (Anything not fitting into any previous categories)

INT-A1) Aircraft – All types
INT-V1) Military Vehicles – All types
INT-S1) Ships -- All types
INT-C1) Automotive -- Cars, Vans, Trucks, Motorcycles -- All types
sINT-F1) Figures -- All types
INT-M1) Miscellaneous -- All types

Open to any person 16 years of age and under.
J1) Aircraft
J2) Military Vehicles
J3) Figures
J4) Ships
J5) Cars, Vans & Trucks
J6) Space Vehicles
J7) Collections
J8) Fantasy & Miscellaneous

1) AIRCRAFT: Battle of Britain - June-November 1940
Any aircraft, Allied or Axis, which participated in the Battle of Britain from June 1940 to November 1940.
2) ARMOUR: Soviet Military Vehicles - 1917-1990
Any military vehicle of Soviet design in Soviet or foreign service or any military vehicle of non-Soviet design
in Soviet service from 1917 to 1990.
3) CARS:50th Anniversary of Mosport INternational Raceway - 1960-2010
Any vehicle, as it appeared when involved in racing or other events at Mosport International Raceway
(Mosport Park) from 1960 to 2010.
4) SCIENCE FICTION: Retro Kits Before the 80's
Any Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror kit that was produced in the 50's, 60's or 70's, up to and including 1980. These
may be original kits or reissues and include automotive fantasy/custom subjects. Examples of eligible
entries include Moonbus (Aurora / Moebius), Rommel's Rod (Monogram / Revell-Monogram), Frankenstein
(Aurora / Revell-Monogram), James Bond Autogyro (Airfix), Mother's Worry (Revell / Revell-Monogram),
Interplanetary UFO (AMT), Star Wars subjects from the 1976 movie & The Empire Strikes Back (1980),
5) FIGURES: The U.S. Marine Corps - 1775-2010
Any figure depicting a United States Marine Corps subject from 1775 to 2010.
6) SPACECRAFT & EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT: The Shuttle Era - 1979-2010
Any model depicting a Space Shuttle and its associated support equipment and any payload carried into
space (at least in part) by the shutle (Magellan / Galileo probes, LDEF, TDRS and many other satellites,
Hubble Space Telescope, International Space Station, etc.) commemorating the scheduled retirement of
the Space Transportation System.

1) Use any commercially available kit.
2) Finish is open to all methods, i.e. airbrush, spray can, hand painting or natural plastic.
YOU MAY: a) fill seams and gaps
b) sand off rivets
c) drill guns and exhausts
d) thin down trailing edges, flaps, and doors if desired
e) hand paint instrument panels and consoles in lieu of decals.
f) rescribe panel lines if desired.
YOU MAY NOT: a) vacuform, manufacture or replace kit parts with one not supplied in the kit
b) cut or separate canopies, control surfaces, hatches, or doors. No surgery
c) add anything to cockpit or interior unless specified in instructions. Only kit
supplied seat belts and shoulder harness may be used.
d) apply rigging, masts or antennas to model unless depicted in instructions or
box art.
4) Instruction sheet(s) must be displayed with the Out-of-Box entry
NOTE: Models entered in this category must be identified at the time of entry.

1) Category A18: Experimental & Research Aircraft:
Aircraft used for experimental and research purposes, that achieved first flight (not necessarily
successfully). Examples might be the X-1, DH-108 Swallow, Langley Aerodrome, Wright Flyer, etc.
2) Category M1: What-if / Hypothetical
Any model depicting a vehicle that was either on the drawing board, or progressed beyond drawing board
stage, including mockups, development models (wind tunnel, structural, etc.) and prototype (prior to first
activation or launch or flight).
or any model depicting a vehicle that may have been possibly developed from existing vehicles -- examples
might be a T-34 tank with a Panther turret and gun, a Merlin powered B-17, the IJN Akagi with an angled
flight deck, etc.

1. The contest is open to all registrants. IPMS membership is not required.
2. Models must be entered under the name of the builder. Any person who knowingly enters models
built by another person in his/her own name will be disqualified from all competition.
3. Models which have won first prizes in prior Canadian or U.S. competitions prior to October 24,
2009 are not eligible for entry in competition.
4. At least 75% of the material used in the model must be plastic. Excluded from this rule are
figures, dioramas, display bases, diorama details, metal diecast and epoxy or resin kits.
5. The number of models entered by a builder in each category is unlimited.
6. Reference material or documentation will be allowed on the contest tables on a space-permitting
basis, but may be removed if space is limited.
7. Gold, silver, and bronze medallions will be awarded in each category. Honourable mention
ribbons will be awarded at the judges' discretion.
8. Judges' decisions are final in all matters.
9. Intermediate Level: This category is open to those who are new to competition, recently out of the
junior ranks or just getting into modelling and have not placed first in conventional competitions.
The purpose of this category is to encourage new Modelers who are not ready to engage in the
field with experienced Modelers and should be considered a stepping stone to further competition.
A Modeler is not allowed to enter in both the Intermediate and Advanced Levels in one subject
area (e.g. Aerospace) , but would be allowed to enter at different levels in different subject areas
(e.g. enter in Intermediate Level for Aerospace, but enter in the Advanced Level in Armour)
10. A model may only be entered in one regular category. The model would remain eligible for the
applicable special awards and theme awards. For example, a model entered in a regular aircraft
category would not be eligible for entry as part of an entry in the “Collections” category.

WORKMANSHIP: Evaluation of how well a model is assembled and finished. Assembly criteria
includes: parts fit, seam and joint treatment, parts alignment, removal of flash and rough finish, decal
application, uniformity of gloss/matte finishes, unpainted parts, application of metalskin or metallic
finishes, etc.
AUTHENTICITY & ACCURACY: Evaluation of the structure outlines and contours of a model, the
colours, textures and patterns of its finish, and the correctness of the model's markings. Kit corrections
and "accurizing" are evaluated as part of this criterion.
DETAILING: Evaluation of both internal and external details created by the builder. The incorporation
and treatment of kit furnished details is evaluated with the workmanship criterion.
COMPLEXITY: Consideration for the inherent difficulty of assembly or finish determined by the intricacy
of the subject being modelled, or the difficulty factor of the kit used.
SCOPE OF EFFORT: Consideration for the total amount of work required, e.g. a major conversion would
"score" higher than a minor conversion.
CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES: Consideration for the modelling methods used to create an authentic
and/or realistic subject. This criterion is particularly applicable to conversions and scratchbuilt models
and in diorama constructions. Credit for hand lettering and custom marking effort is considered a
construction technique.
THEME: An objective evaluation of the story, plot or situation being portrayed. Considerations are:
human interest and historical accuracy. This criterion is especially applicable in the case of vignettes and
REALISM: An evaluation of how realistic a diorama appears. Considerations are: unity, colour and
shading, scale and perspective, texture and animation.
PRESENTATION: An objective evaluation of the techniques used in displaying a model collection or
dioramas. Considerations are: bases and/or backgrounds, titles and labelling, etc.

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